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Alex pulled a face when he heard the familiar voice, of course it would be Dianna. If there was someone above them, their sense of humour was not their strong point. “The one and only.” His tone was quiet, with Emma prowling the corridor, he did not want her to find him, especially how she had been earlier when she’d caught him with Dianna by the bar.

Even in the darkness, and with his senses dulled as they were given the atmosphere, he could feel Dianna’s gaze upon him. “Keeping out of Emma’s way.” His tone matched the volume as it was earlier, footsteps could be heard from outside of the cupboard, of course he didn’t know if they were Emma’s or somebody else’s. Despite the lack of any light except the glow seeping in beneath the door, he was hyper aware of how close he and Dianna were stood, his breaths coming out and mingling with hers, “I’m sorry— I thought it was another room.” He apologised, he hadn’t meant to be this close to her, to invade her personal space like this. “…and that it would be empty.” He continued, his voice barely a whisper.

It was only then that he searched out her form, only just making out her head, and her features thought it was a strain to do so, his eyes obviously not adjusted enough and the lack of light didn’t help in anyway. He shifted his weight but when he did so, he knocked something on the floor and winced because of the noise it made. Dear God, please don’t let any anybody hear that. 

Dianna cringed at Alex’s apology — though, hopefully with the dull lighting he wasn’t able to notice. It wasn’t because of his apology that she cringed, more so the fact that they had both been as stupid as each other to think this was a separate room. “It’s alright.” The blonde dismissed his apology with a slight shake of her head, “I thought so to.” From anyone else’s point of view, it would probably be funny that the two of them were practically stuck in such a confined space. Now was not a time to be laughing, however.

"Oh my God." Dianna let out a strained whisper, reaching out to stop whatever it was that Alex had knocked over — obviously missing it. The clatter that followed the falling object caused her to stiffen, her eyes trained on the door of the closet waiting for it to open and for the outside light to flood in. After a few moments had passed, Dianna let out the breath she hadn’t realised she had been holding and her gaze turn to Alex, her eyes narrowing on his through the darkness. "Graceful as ever." She gave a teasing remark, hoping to somewhat lighten the mood.

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The Award Goes To… || Pettygron


As surprised as he was that Dianna hadn’t brought a date, he tried to not to allow the expression to show upon his features. Her giggle and stance brought yet another smile to his lips, how adorable was she? No, she’s not adorable, Alex.. Focus. As soon as he had left, he was soon speaking with various people, mingling to those he felt he should; all the while trying his best to stay away from Emma. When Cody smirked and informed him that Emma had left the room, that’s when he was able to relax. Though he was grumbling at the co-star, she wasn’t meant to realise these things. Despite everything that had transpired in the past, the last encounter with Dianna had him hoping he’d see her again. Possibly not tonight but again nonetheless again would be nice.

It wasn’t long until Alex grew bored with mingling with people whom he didn’t care for in the slightest way, afterall, it wasn’t as though he wanted to come in the first place. So, it was only natural that he would want to go for a wander around; away  from the main party. He knocked back his drink and had another in hand as he walked. 

Of course when he’d get away from the party, he’d see the one person whom he didn’t care to actually see. His features crinkled when Roberts came into sight at the end of a corridor (thankfully talking to some other poor sod). After the last time, he did not want to come into contact with the little pest again. Going back the way he’d came would just give her a chance to catch up, as he cast a glance around his eyes fell upon a door. Salvation! Too far? He didn’t care as he swiftly moved to push the door open and step into the hopefully, empty, room.

No, not room— broom cupboard; and no, not empty. Fuck. 

Dianna gave a small sound of surprise when she felt the other body enter the small space, making the space even more confined. The light that flooded from the outside when the door was opened made it possible for Dianna to just about make out the face of the intruder. “…Alex?” She enquired in a hushed tone, making her confusion clear. Once the door had been closed again the room plunged into total darkness and Dianna waited for her eyes to adjust whilst her gaze remained fixed on the figure now incredibly close in front of her.

Is this another one of Alex’s weird jokes that she didn’t understand? She recalled that would often happen back when… No, let’s not think back to that; she’ll just dig herself a hole. A lonely hole of loneliness. Instead, she continued to look up at him, completely aware how painfully close they were and how … awkward it was. But not as awkward as one might think — not for her, at least. Her voice now seemed to be quieter when she spoke, “What are you doing in here?” Though she wasn’t sure why she whispered, what with the commotion of voices outside it would be difficult for anyone to really hear them.

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30/∞ pics of Dianna Agron.
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Anonymous sent: Does your mom call you any embarrassing nick names?

"Uh… Not really embarrassing. I don’t have many nick names."

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The Award Goes To… || Pettygron


“You don’t have to apologise, at least you managed to get away with some tact; which is better than what I would have done.” His lips twitched, “Oh, you’re mistaken— It was having the best time of my life.” He spoke with a sarcastic but obviously not serious tone. Of course she was right, it hadn’t been an enjoyable experience to say the least. 

Raising a hand to brush it through his previously rather neat (for a change) hair, he offered her a sincere smile though he didn’t add anything else and kept his thoughts to himself, for a change. “Whenever you want to claim your owed favour, just give us a shout.” He slipped into the way he would have spoken before moving to America. “Me— I mean, give me a shout. Obviously.” 

Now that she had given him the chance to leave after having a brief moment of unity, Alex didn’t particularly wish to want to leave. Though, of course there was no reason to stay near her, he had no reason to stay close, nor did he any right to do so. “In that case, I thank you for the freedom, and I shall leave you to get back to your… date; if you brought a date, that is, I’m not sayin-” Quickly shutting himself off, he gave Dianna a sheepish looking smile, “Sorry.. I’ll leave you, though if I catch sight of her again, I do hope you know that I will hide behind you. Ignoring the fact it’s not very manly.”

After Alex knocked his drink back and inclined his head toward Dianna he was about to turn to leave, “I’ll see you around, Di.” He gave her one of his more boyish smiles, not really paying much attention to what he had addressed her as before he moved away to go back to mingling (and trying to keep as far away from Emma as was possible).

The blonde gave a soft laugh Alex slipped back into his English ways, but nodded her understanding. It had taken a little bit of time, but Dianna had gotten used to his English ways eventually. “Don’t worry, I’ll let you know as soon as I want to collect my favor.” She gave him a smile.

At the man’s rambling, Dianna’s brow arched very slightly. Never once did she think he would bring up her date, or lack thereof, nor did she think it mattered. A slight smile took her lips, however, “I don’t have a date actually, but thank you… I guess.” Her brow furrowed slightly before she continued, “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” She raised her fists into a protective, fighting stance before breaking out with a small giggle. 

Dianna inclined her head in return to Alex, another smile forming on her lips; this time at the affectionate name he addressed her as. “See you later, Alex.” She bid her farewell and without any real knowledge of what she was doing, she watched him leave. Really, she just stood there and watched as he left into a crowd of people before she blinked and diverted her attention. Of course, she hadn’t wanted him to leave, but she couldn’t just ask him to stay. Despite the fact that she had somewhat enjoyed their catch-up, she still had no right to ask him to stay and talk with her. For all she knew he didn’t even want to talk to her. She then took the opportunity to turn in the opposite direction to mingle with some new people.

It had been a good half hour to an hour or so since Dianna had encountered Emma and her and Alex had parted ways. She had spent the time chitchatting with various different people; some she knew, some she didn’t but each and every person was treated just as special. Now, however, she had moved off into an empty space and was just people watching, as it were. That’s when she noticed the other woman. Again. Emma was just wandering about, seemingly lost and looking for something — Dammit. Dianna did not want to be caught on her own by Emma, it was awkward enough with Alex but she could escape, she doubted she could get away with it twice. 

So, with some quick thinking, Dianna went for the nearest door, opened it and disappeared inside before closing it behind her. Shit. This is not what she thought it might have been. A closet. A very, very small broom closet. Well, she couldn’t exactly leave now, could she? If Emma — or anyone, for that matter — caught her leaving a broom closet, she wouldn’t know what excuse to make. So she just stood there, with only a dim light to separate the darkness, in silence.

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Anonymous sent: Do you rp smut?

Come at me.

People started following you.


”Heya,Dianna!Pleasure to meet ya,sweetie.I’m Angelina”


"Nice to meet you, Angelina. You have a really pretty name, how are you?"

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